How to Survive a Long Weekend When You’re Stuck At Home

Nothing beats the Monday blues than knowing you have a long weekend coming up. But what if a storm suddenly shows up to rain on your parade or you suddenly get sick and you can’t leave the house? You will surely find yourself wishing that the long weekend will be over now that you are stuck at home with nothing to do. But that is just a melodramatic exaggeration. There is a lot of things you can do that can save you from boredom even if you’re stuck at home. Here’s a list of suggestions:

Practice art

It can be beadwork, sewing, painting, clay molding, drawing, or simply coloring. Take this free time as the chance to bring out the artist in you. You will be surprised how much an art project can make you forget about the time of day once you are fully immersed in your craft. More information on Watch full movies free – Yesmovies click here.

Catch up on your reading

Remember all the books you purchased but never had the time to read? Now is the chance for you to feed your brain. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea to put you in a relaxing mood as your imagination takes you to a different world.

Watch movies

The Internet has made it possible for everyone to watch full movies free – Yesmovies. You can’t say you’ve watched everything you want to see. These sites are filled with thousands of movies for each genre and you can even watch a lot of interesting foreign films as well.

Organize and clean out your closet

Get rid of all the old clothes that do not fit anymore by donating them to charity. This may seem to be a tiring task at first but motivate yourself with all the free closet space you’ll be getting right after (more room for new clothes as well).

Try a new recipe

Your kitchen can be your scientific lab. Do a recipe you never tried before or whip up a new dish yourself. You will always have the reward of tasting your marvelous creation right after.