123movies: Movies That Will Teach You To Never Give Up

In life, we cannot help but feel like giving up from time to time. There will be those moments when we are being tested and that there is no way to run. These stressful situations can leave us feeling drained, down, and unwilling to fight. However, situations like this should not make us want to give up. Instead, we should strive harder in order to achieve our aims in life.

Never Give Up

Just by watching films can already get viewers feeling inspired. Because of this, there could be times when we just want to relax and enjoy a movie like these and at the same time, get inspired by the stories of these movies. These are just some of the movies that can help people get back to their feet during struggles in life.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

Movies like this will surely leave viewers feeling inspired and awed over the entire story line. The Pursuit of Happyness is a story inspired by the real life of Chris Gardener. Imagine investing in something in the hopes that it would make you rich… then it didn’t turn out nicely after all. There had been a lot of struggles this man had to go through in order to get his life back together. With a wife that gave up and a little boy under his care, he strives to make everything work out. When watching this with 123movies, be sure to ready your tissues.

Karate Kid

The Karate Kid teaches viewers how to fight through hard times in life and not to give up. Here, the protagonist learned how to stand up from bullying in his new place and succeeded after how many hours or trying to master this art.

August Rush

The film talks about having faith and staying optimistic with our ambitions in life. The protagonist here only has one goal—to be able to reach his parents. And he believed that this can be done with the power of music.