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It is not like I fucked a gazillion of these and those chicks that I can tell it how it is, but I did have my fair share of the pussy videos and I have some pretty good ideas about what most guys like and what they don’t like. There is this constant struggle to prove what kind of pussy is better, white or black one. I have my humble opinion on this one, but I will just tell you how I feel about them both and what I prefer to find in my bet. I verified most of these things while watching some pussy videos at http://www.jonnytube.com/pussy.htm. Being a Caucasian man and having an African American man as my best friend, we watch the porn tube and talk about it all the time.

Some say that they taste differently. You will find a lot of guys who will swear that those two sorts of vags have different scents and tastes. From my humble perspective, I’ve heard a lot of them saying that the dark one tastes very good while the pale one is pretty much neutral. While I wasn’t able to tell the difference, Tyrone agrees that the dark is sweet.

The looks is also one of the categories that people think about when making the distinction. We all agree that they are both pink inside. However, I feel that the tanned skin around that pink make it far more dramatic and I don’t really like that. The pale skin that gently turns into the rosy red is what makes it gentler and more appealing for me. Of course, nobody has to agree with that.

Scent is also something that people talk about in this issue. It is true that Caucasian people say that the African American men and women have distinctive scent about them. Genitalia are not the exception to this rule, so it seems that these ladies have a distinctive feature about their pussies. A lot of guys love that, so this is the point for the tanned ladies and their vags.
The whole bodily features. Having a cunt to fuck is not all there is to a woman. Therefore, if you are choosing the slit to stick your dick inside, you are choosing everything else around it.

Therefore, you have to make some generalizations about the bodily features of these two types of chicks. In general, European type girls have more fragile and smaller bodies. The chocolate ladies are known to have greater, more muscular and more luxurious bodies. Therefore, that should be taken into consideration when deciding about the slit that will take the award of being the more beloved one. I think that here is a cultural issue in question. Something about the exotic and unknown. While black guys will always choose white girls, their race fellows will chose the black girls. They seem to be open to the idea that they should experience something different and they see that diversity in the different race.

Cunt is always more than just the cunt. It is also the personality of a woman that has it that makes it more interesting to chase it and to do all you can to get your cock inside it. Therefore, this is also the case and the personality of Caucasian girls is considered to be more meek and gentle and uptight than those of the African American ladies. They are often perceived as sexy machines, looking to grab you and tear all your clothes of. Also, they seem dynamic, passionate and wonderful, so it seems that everybody would be able to forget about the color of their slits if they are such horny and sexy chicks. This is where a white pussy definitely loses the battle. All in all, it is all matter of taste and I know that my taste is: all of them. I don’t think that Tyrone has reached a different conclusion. You can watch these pussy videos at Jonnytube.com.

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When I was a kid I was terrified of the possibility that somebody might caught me while I was playing with my willy. It would definitely mean at least a couple of weeks of not being able to get it up for me. Some of it because of the fright and some of it because of the embarrassment. However, at the same time, the idea of danger and that I might get seen turned me on as much as it terrified me. I would jack off more vigorously and more passionately if I was behind the unlocked doors or something like that. I guess that those ‘forbidden fruit’ ideas are not there by chance and that there is definitely something in them. Even when I started watching porn online, I used to prefer the Erolash.xxx caught jerking off videos because they evoked those feelings of danger and excitement in me. I would always spill a whole bucket of cum watching those videos.

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There are a couple of types of those videos and all of them turn me in a different way. I have a fantasy for each of them that I like to live out when I’m home, alone with my pants down. First of them is the situation when I enter some pool locker room or something like that, and I catch a girl masturbating there, completely naked. It is my favorite fantasy. She is embarrassed, shy and she tries to cover up her naked body, but everything can be seen. I ask her what is she doing and she is trying to lie to me but it is too obvious. I start acting as if I am offended and tell her that she has to be punished. I force her to continue what she was doing or I would call everybody and tell them what I saw. At first, she hesitates, but then she realizes that she doesn’t have any other choice and she starts playing with her clit. Her movements are shy and hesitant, but the pleasure overcomes her and she closes her eyes, trying to make the most out of this horrible situation for her. After a while, she doesn’t have any shyness left in her and she goes for it in full. She moans and pants and at last, she opens up her eyes as her desire freed her of her shame. She pierces right through me, invitingly, showing off her wet pussy. I start jacking off also and in the end, we finish up on the floor fucking like crazy. That is my favorite fantasy.

Another one is about me being noticed. This scenario is more like some of the caught wanking porn videos. I make a hole in the wall of the female volleyball team shower. After their practice and their games, I go there, unzip my pants and pull out my cock. As I watch them showering and undressing I wank, peeping through that hole. However, one time, they catch me and they drag me into the locker room, where they undress me and tie me up. They decide to torture me, by forcing me to watch them make out, without the chance to touch myself or them. I go absolutely crazy with lust and when they notice that, they start taking turns on my horny cock, pleasuring each other in the meanwhile. I can imagine everything to the detail. The warmth and the moist of the locker room and the shower in the back. Their wet skin and hair. The fact that some of them are raven while others are blond. Their amazing muscles and sporty bodies. I cannot get enough of that fantasy and even when I think about it I get a hardon.

Those are just some of the fantasies that I use. Most of them are about being seen and punished, but these two I can use at any time to help me cum like crazy. You can watch Erolash.XXX caught jerking off porn videos for additional information.

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Never underestimate the power of free porn tube. I can honestly that they changed my life. My girlfriend and I were watching Eronavt.com porn movies, as she is one of the horniest females I have ever encountered, and through the orgy displayed before us we got the idea to start swinging. That free porn video was definitely a step onto a higher level of sexual exploration because my girlfriend wanted to watch me fucking another woman. I believe her exact words were “I want to see you cum on her ass”.

We were both very open to sexual experiences and so we approached some of our good looking friends in the hope of finding swinging partners. Within a week were able to set forth our adventure with a couple we met on a tour to Amsterdam last year. My Asian girlfriend openly liked Heather and Daniel in a very flirtatious way, and to be completely honest, Heather has big tits and tight teen pussy and was more than just attractive. With the fireplace burning and wine glasses filled, we sat in a circle making everyday conversation. When it started to get a bit late a strange silence fell on the conversation because everyone knew why this get together was happening.

My blonde girlfriend took the initiative and decided to put on some free HD sex videos to get everyone in the mood. After about five minutes she crawled on all fours towards Daniel, like a lion sneaking up on its prey. When she reached him she didn’t hesitate to put her mouth on his already erected cock, doing blowjob for him. Lightly biting his muscle through his pants, I felt a hand working its way down mine. Heather was behind me, licking my neck while jerking me off. It was quite a feeling to see my woman sucking a guy off while a hot chick was getting me as hard as a rock.

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With the foreplay out of the way, the living room became like the setting of a porn studio. My girlfriend would fuck Daniel for about 15 minutes then come over to me and Heather. Have you ever licked the lips of a sexy babe while another is riding you like a show pony? If not then give it a try. We switched partners numerous times and when it came close to finishing time my girlfriend reminded me of what she wanted to see.

I had no problem giving her what she wanted. Just like in the free sex video, I stood behind Heather, driving as deep as I possibly could. All the while I was looking at my girlfriend getting fucked by Daniel. She didn’t take her eyes off me, knowing that my climax was near. Just as she wanted, I pulled out and sprayed my warm liquid all over Heather’s tight little ass. At that point my girlfriend came too with a moaning sound I’ve never heard before.

I can’t quite explain how great it felt. Since then our xxx sex life as increased tremendously along with some more partners if you know what I mean. If you ever get the chance to swing then take it with both hands. Don’t forget to check that Eronavt free porn tube!

I Promised Myself a Gay College Porn

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All throughout high school, I had to be careful about not being too open about being homo boy. Although I was out about my sexuality most of the time, I had to keep a low profile at the same time. They would not beat me up for being gay boy, but they would definitely beat me up if I held my boyfriend’s hand, or made a move on somebody. With that in mind, most of my experiences came down to watching the Gaygush.com gay college porn. Therefore, I just studied and waited until I left for college. I promised myself that I’d have the greatest experience with men and that I’d be out and proud there. In actual fact, that plan worked out amazingly.

Once I came out in my school, wearing the badges, having the rainbow on my dorm door, I soon became a person to which all the gay college boys came to meet. I became the center point of the freshman year. As you can imagine, that gave me a lot of dating choices and I took them all. However, the best experience that I had was with my roommate. He claimed not to be homosexual, but I saw the look on his face when I kissed guys. It wasn’t disgust and it wasn’t ignorance, it was lust. But I knew I had to go slowly as it was hard to hit on somebody who doesn’t like their own sex urges. Before, I can just watch a gay college hazing porn, but now I decided to take some action.

Therefore, one day, I cracked open a bottle of wine and suggested that we watch a game or something and stay in for the night, hanging out. He agreed, and we started drinking bottle after bottle until we were no longer sober. At that point, I could see that he had a boner in his pants and I subtly started stroking it. He didn’t reject it, so I opened up his zipper, and a gorgeous cock fully erect just popped up in front of my face. Of course, my reaction was to lick it immediately.

I wanted to suck it right away, but I didn’t want to scare him. So, I licked the tip of that lovely cock, and I started jerking it gently while my tongue was circling the shaft. He closed his eyes and laid back on the bed. That was my signal to move on. I closed my lips on the top of his dick and pushed forward so that the tip of his dick opened my lips, and I welcomed that big cock into my mouth.

I let it slide in as deep as I could. I even gagged a little bit and I could hear the moans of pleasure from my straight roommate when I did so. So, I decided to start being a lot more aggressive and in a minute, I was choking on that dick as my whole gay college porn depended on it. I enjoyed it so much, and he came into my mouth quite quickly. I guess we both waited for it to happen for such a long time and the next time will try anal sex, rimming and ass fucking. We can’t wait for another portion of gay sex!

Sticky: My First Lesbian Experience Watching a Gay Porn Movie

I wasn’t really thinking about my sexual preference too much. I thought that I was straight and I even had some cool and nice boyfriends. I was never against LGBT movement, but didn’t really give the whole thing much thought. Me and my friends usually organized all sorts of sleepovers and we would relax, do facials and nails for each other, or even massages.

In other words, we were having fun, being just us girls. One night, when I went for a slumber party at Donna’s we got a beer or two and we decided to watch a gay movie. More precisely, it was a lesbian movie and it featured two girls, just like us, who were having a sleepover party – just like us.

You could see that those two were adult porn stars and that they were faking the whole thing. That made it a little bit funny, and Donna and me giggled and laughed all through the video. However, I couldn’t help feeling that tingling sensation in my tummy. Also, I saw that Donna’s nipples were hard and perky underneath her thin nighty.

She must have felt the same thing as I did. Suddenly, the situation in the room changed. From the light fun, the intensity and the anticipation grew. There was some sexual tension between us and it needed to be released. I made the first move, touched Donna’s tits and kissed her.

She was surprised but she kissed me back. This time, the kiss was longer and more sensual. We didn’t stop and we started making out. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but Donna’s hands in my panties and her pussy underneath my fingers felt perfect. It was the first time I felt other woman’s pussy and I couldn’t wait to slip my fingers deep inside it. Before I knew it, I made Donna lie on her back and spread her legs. I wanted to see the whole thing from up close.

The feelings of arousal, curiosity and pleasure were all mixed in me. I fingered her tight, shaved and juicy twat with only one finger, observing the pink tissue of her pussy wrapping gently around it. I wanted to see more and I wanted to feel more.

I kissed her clit and felt the aromatic scent of her pussy. At that point, I knew that was all that I was waiting for. I was a lesbian and all this felt so natural. I dived into that pussy like it was a dream come true. I licked those lips, all the way from the bottom to the clit. I circled the clit and then sucked on it and I gently bit and kissed the inner parts of Donna’s thighs.

For the first time in my life, I wasn’t concerned about my orgasm. All I wanted is to give Donna the pleasure she never had. At the same time, I experienced the pleasure I never had before. As Donna came on my fingers, I knew that it was the way I was going to have sex for the rest of my life. That gay movie was all I needed to reveal myself that I was a lesbian.